Eviction Basics

Eviction In Indiana: How The Process Works

Marion County Community Resources


Docket – a calendar or list of cases.  For Marion County, https://public.courts.in.gov/CourtCal/#/Home

Eviction – to remove a person from a home, land, or building through the legal process.

Eviction (Possession) Hearing – the day the court decides whether to grant the landlord’s request to force tenants to vacate the property.

Eviction Sealing Tenants who qualify may complete and file the forms with the appropriate county court to request that their eviction record be sealed.There must not be an existing judgment that says the renter/tenant owes the landlord money in the eviction case.

Writ – Tenant’s final notice to leave the rental unit and remove their belongings; otherwise, law enforcement officials can forcibly remove the tenant.

Damage Hearing – usually held several weeks after the eviction hearing.  The court makes a decision about “money issues”.  How much back rent does the tenant owe?  Decision is made about the security deposit plus additional costs such as attorney and court fees.

Procedural Supplemental Hearing – This hearing(s) is to determine that the tenant is repaying the money owed. Wages can be garnished, but not SS, TANF or unemployment income.