Indiana Eviction Justice Network

Facing Evictions Together.

What is the Indiana Eviction Justice Network?

Eviction Court Watch aims to:

  • Reduce the shame and stigma associated with evictions by being a visible and supportive presence in courtrooms.
  • Observe patterns of how judges are treating those facing evictions.
  • Humanize a complex, systemic problem and uplift tenant stories (anonymously or with permission).
  • Collect essential data.


How does it work?

Attend a training.

  • We offer once-a-month training sessions, the third Wednesday of each month via Zoom. See more here.
  • As a member of the IEJN Eviction Court Watcher’s community, you’ll have access to private email and Facebook groups.
  • If you’re interested and have more questions, contact us here.

Observe a case.

After your training, decide how you want to participate in the Eviction Court Watch.

  • You can act as a presence in the courtroom.
  • You can pay a little bit more attention and enter notes in a form that will help us spot any issues and track trends.

Share your observations.

You’ll receive a link in your email to remind you to submit your observations.

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